benefits of CST

As the CSR can be felt by the therapist in the entire body, so it effects the interaction of all bodyfunctions and the soul.

This wholistic method supports the human being in difficult phases of their life, also without any physical symptoms, as prevention or just to feel good and to relax.

CST can also help you with multiple physical problems, e.g.:

  • curing bone fractures
  • processing states of shocks or whiplashes
  • jawproblems, jointproblems and pain323307_304160216308229_1938924630_o
  • muscle tensions, inflammation of the muscle or the tendons
  • headaches, migranes
  • dysfunction of the central nervous system
  • multiple sklerosis, Parkinson’s disease
  • fever, cold
  • visual and hearing problems
  • menstruation issues
  • gastro-intestinal diseases
  • inflammation of the middle ear / bladder
  • restlessness, stress
  • exhaustion, chronic fatigue
  • insomnia, deficiency in concentration