what is CST ?

Cranio-Sacral-Therapy ( CST ) is a gentle hands on treatment with deep impact, that sees the entire human organism as an entity.

Gentle touch can release and balance blockades and dysfunctions of body and soul.

This treatment activates and supports the body’s own self healing processes.526773_303222403114945_157462139_n

The so called Cranio-Sacral-System of an human body means the internal system of brain and spinal cord fluids ( liquor ) and the bony structures of the skull ( cranium ) and the sacral bone.

Liquor surrounds the central nervous system, it nourishes and protects it. It underlies a steady cycle of production and absorbing.This process takes place within its protection sheet of cerebral- and spinal cord membranes ( dura mater ). During this constant regenerational processes it comes to pressure differences, expressed through expansion and contraction of the skull bones and the entire body around its spinal axis.

This sutle, but in CST very important pulse, also called Cranio-Sacral- Rythm ( CSR ) can provide many information about balance and imbalance in the body.