10 series

From top to toe, from outside to inside – Rolfing for the whole being

The 10 Rolfing- sessions provide the foundation for an aligned and relaxed body structure.

On the one hand the 10 series follows a thought-out plan with specified topics, on the other hand there is space for the multifaceted and individual desires and issues of each client.

Certainly you can just take one single Rolfing- session, to let go and feel good.

Who goes in for long-term and profound changes, who wants to learn and understand more about their body, should pursue the 10series.484889_614057625289665_784139906_n

Profound and thereby long-term changes are a process, which goes in well dosed steps. Initially it needs foundation, where changes can be built up and old patterns and structural compensations be consciously let go.

The 10series follows this principle. Eventually, the focus directs to integrate the skills harmoniously to give the entity more stability.


session 1-3 -> the Sleeve Sessions



session 4-7 -> the Core Sessions ( deep tissues influencing the spine )




session 8-10 -> the Integration Sessions




Advanced sessions

The 10series builds the foundation for everything coming after. Also you will benefit in Yoga, sports, dance, in daily activities from an aware body perception.

But life is change and a lifelong process. The 10series gives this life-process a push, esp. when it got stuck.

Because of that, nothing stays as it was before, same is after the 10series. You can say, the life-process continues with all its up and downs, but on a higher level.

To support your continuing life-process it is recommended to take 3-4 sessions over the year. In these sessions the focus is put on the personal needs.