what is Rolfing® ?

Rolfing islearning to feel yourself

Rolfing isfinding your inner center

Rolfing isalignmentlittle girl

Rolfing islearning to let go

Rolfing isexperiencing your-self

Rolfing isbalance

Rolfing isthe heaviness of ground and the ease of space

Rolfing isexperiencing inner stability

Rolfing isenjoying movement


Rolfing can be diverse. Each one experiences Rolfing in all sorts of different ways and everyone does their own research.

644425_10151527289986178_1773718557_n However, the goal keeps the same: inner alignment within the gravity field of the earth.

Ida Rolf found out, that not the muscles are the crucial factor of inner alignment, but rather the fascia, the connective tissue, that connects everything inside the body.

Every muscle, even every muscle fiber, the organs, nerves and bones are coated by connective tissue.

This Tissue is the shaping structure in the body and Ida Rolf found out, that fascia can change.

Like muscles fascia can slightly contract. But also the several layers of fascia, who ensure a smooth glide between e.g the muscles, can get stuck together.  In areas where the body needs more stability in its battle against gravity, more connective tissue gets built up. Meridians, vessels and nerves are embedded in connective tissue.

Rolfing it is about integrating the body structure in the field of gravity. That means, one main aspect is the support from the ground. The more you are able to let go of your bodyweight into the ground, the more inner clarity and orientation you get. Additionally there is the effect of uplifting, which leads to inner ease and greatness.

Finding your center, getting along with the balance between your front and back, left and right, up and down enables to experience inner space and 3-dimensionality.

Feeling inner clarity, orientation and space reflects your view on the world around you.

Some Suisse Rolfer produced a nice film about Rolfing.

My clients help me to explain Rolfing, something hard to put into words and for every being Rolfing can bring sth different. HERE you can read what they experienced.