what my clients say about Rolfing

Rolfing means for me that I am now able to stand up straight for the first time since I was six years old.”

“What does Rolfing mean to me?

I was first introduced to the idea of Rolfing by a CAF member here in Greenwood. We were discussing car accidents and I was telling him about my “rear-ender” that resulted in a back jury that seemingly could not be healed despite traditional physiotherapy and massage therapy – medications etc.

He told me he had gone through a similar experience and the only relief he found was through Rolfing. I had never heard of this procedure and quickly dismissed it. However, as time went on and my back remained so very painful, I remembered his words and went immediately to Google and found the “Canadian Rolfing Association” web site. On this site, was “Find a Rolfer” which I followed not believing for an instant I could find one in the Annapolis Valley or even in Nova Scotia. Much to my surprise and absolute delight, I found Claudia Saviera Studen at Apoga Body Work and she lives on Lily Lake Road, Middleton, NS – a mere 15 minute drive from me.

I felt it was destiny that I would be able to avail myself of this treatment – even though I knew nothing about it other than what I had read on the web site.

The first thing you notice when you arrive at Claudia’s studio is the absolute stillness and silence with the occasional chirping of the birds. Your mind immediately embraces it and you feel like you are in for a beautiful experience.

Initially, Claudia and I spoke about my car accident and what I had done since that time – the various methods I had used etc. She spoke about rolfing and what it entailed but still I really expected another physiotheraphy session. I was very wrong. The rolfing sessions cover you from head to toe, different sections of your body at different sessions. …..by the end of 10, all body parts and organs have been attended to. I won’t lie, parts of some of the sessions hurt – deep tissue treatment of the fascia can be painful. But Claudia is very patient and very attuned to her clients’ bodies and knows exactly what is going on.

You learn more about yourself – how to connect with the ground and the sky – how to walk properly – no, you don’t throw those shoulders back! You reflect on the movement of your body and how to connect the mind and the body.

My back has improved – it is not 100% but it does feel better. Moreover, I feel better. My spirit is better. I am conscious to ensure my posture is correct, my breathing – how to deal with the back pain when it comes. I will definitely be visiting Claudia again for a “refresher” rolfing session or two.”